On being an Art witch

I stumbled upon the term art witch the first time through the title of an incredibly inspiring little e-book by the glorious glam rock and art witch herself Molly Roberts. I drew and created beauty for as long as I can remember, but the fear of failure quite often got the best of me. The little e-book by Molly helped me coming to grips with that fear and starting to embrace art as my form of magick and the funny thing I recocnized was that I was doing it ever since I remembered.


Being an art witch is a vital part of my spirituality. Creating and crafting things that have heart and soul is at the center of my crative strivings.


Here I share with you my creations, from paper to color, from sacred space decorations and nature's inspirational beauty during  seasons and sabbats up to what I create and craft for my upcoming Etsy shop LindenherzCreations. Enjoy.

My art and crafts

travelling through the Wheel