Some facts about me

  • I'm a spiritual seeker since my late teens. I was always curious about other religions, but never found one I would call home, mostly due to the cause of dogma. It took me years to understand that I'm allowed to create and define a spiritual path of my very own making.
  • I'm considering myself an ecclectic witch with a huge interest in shamanism and the power of one's own sacred landscape (an inner realm that lives inside everyone and that I love to explore in ritual), visualization and meditation.
  • I love to create and bringing joy to those I create for. Art has become another expression of my spirituality...
  • 2014 I studied Elemental Balancing with an amazing group of women from all around the world. This e-course was called Season of the Seeker created by Ahneke Greystone and was all about the Four Elements and their spiritual influences in our lives.


  • Due to my Elemental studies I developed a passion over 4 years ago: TAROT!!! After I left behind the cliche of the fortune teller, I was stunned about the possiblities that Tarot and oracle cards have to offer to those who want to improve their lives.
  • I'm a storyteller. Ever since I was a child I loved to entertain myself with stories that unfolded in my mind. This passion is unbroken and brought me the reputiation of family and friends to be a walking daydreamer.
  • Another love of mine is urban gardening. I particularly have a thing for growing edibles in small spaces due to the fact that I just have a small balcony. But never underestimate the amount of tomatoe bounty you can harvest with a little bit of green magic, a whole lot of more sunshine and a dedication for your plant children.
  • I'm a kitchen witch. I love to cook, bake and create herbal tea blends and other tasty treats from my little herb section on my balcony garden. 
  • I consider myself a sacred activist, a term I came across through the work of environmental activist and ecopilosopher Joanna Macy. I'm maybe not paricipating in each and every environmental march, but I'm doing the small things like working for the Transition Town movement in my town, do urban gardening, nurture my little tomato and herb plantation on my balcony and find other way in my personal life to live more eco friendly.
  • Although I consider myself a witch I'm not a cat person (but I find them highly fascinating beings). I'm living with dogs since my 8th birthday and for nearly the last 16 years I'm living together with a little terrier/dachshund mix lady named Lillith who I always hope to become the oldest dog in history (*fingers crossed*).
  • Lindenherz is my spiritual name I received after I walked a labyrinth with a mighty linden tree at its center. Linden trees are the most sacred trees to me and I have a strong connection to them since childhood. My matron goddess is named after this tree: Mother Tilia.

Photo by Alex Hindemith - Das Rad (the Wheel) - Labyrinth in the city forest Eilenriede, Hanover, Germany
Photo by Alex Hindemith - Das Rad (the Wheel) - Labyrinth in the city forest Eilenriede, Hanover, Germany