Under shady green leaves....

...I welcome you to my spiritual home. My name is Lindenherz. Here you will find enchantment and rest from your daily demands.



I welcome you to a place for the open-minded spiritual seeker where I share with you my own journey as an ecclectic pagan, art witch, a self-taught artist, Tarot devotee and lover of Mama Gaia's earthly treasures.


Here I wanna hold space for those of you who feel the need to dwell on a little bit of natural beauty, who are on a spiritual journey themselves and encourage you to explore a spiritual path that comes from your heart


I will share with you how using one's own imagination can become a doorway to experience the Divine, Spirit or whatever name you prefer for "That Which Is Greater Than Us". By sharing my the experiences I made on the path I'm walking, I hope to inspire you to actively and bravely create a life story that speaks to your soul.

Whoever you are and on whatever stage of your journey your on, this is a place to tell you you're not walking it alone. I learnt from women who all walked their very own path, and I found out that the key to my own personal growth is to learn from the diverse wisdom that every individual spiritual seeker, pagan or witch inheres. 

My green heart magic that is fueld and nurtured by Spirit, the Divine Feminine, the 4 Element and Mother Nature in general, is here to bring joy. My intention is to weave this heart-felt energy in all that I'm creating, be it words, images or tools  for the spiritual seeker. May you find pleasure and refreshment of your spirit and soul on this page. Merry Meet.